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4T2 Industrial Loft Kit

Entirety of the Sims 4 Industrial Kit Conversions!


Build, Buy, Sets

Windows, Doors, Arches, Seating, Surfaces, Deco, Lighting, Other


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Item Description

Sul Sul!

Today I have the industrial loft kit from TS4 for Sims 2! Converted in its entirety! Thank you to hugelunatic who helped me making the 4 tile actually work!! Thank you again!

Sims 4 shadow file is required, you only need one!


  • Functional 4 tile door - I could not bring myself to do a diagonal version, it would be a waste of GUIDs is my excuse!

  • Functional 4 tile arch

  • The bed from platinasp's every bed project is included,

  • tvickiesims provided an assist with the rug and one of the plants! Thank you!

  • Sofa and arm chair have morphs!

  • Collection file included,

  • More slot options for surfaces!

  • Dresser has an interior and is fully animated!

  • Bar stool / dining chair versions of the chair included!


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