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Every 4t2 Bed

4t2 Beds + Bedding + Bedding Defaults


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All beds? All beds. All bedding? Most bedding.

All of the beds from Sims 4 now brought to you in the comfort of Sims 2, plus a mega ton of 4t2 bedding. Hope you like them all, please let me know if there are any issues.

This also includes a default bedding file - these bedding are not included in the customs because I didn't want duplicates 😅

Ultimate Collection (all packs/eps) is required.

One thing of note: thanks to @applewatersugar, I updated the uv mapping on the single bed using their beard tutorial so it is now aligned to double bed mapping. This means that some of my bedding won't look great on others' customs or TS2 single beds. There are very few that just look "off" (default replacements are pictured with TS2 bed).

Another thing of note: LordCrumps gave me permission to reupload the Horse Ranch beds + For Rent + Modern Luxe bed so it's all in one place. The Horse Ranch single beds are updated with the new bed UV. If you have his, delete them. I did not convert/include the murphy bed because HugeLunatic did everything I would do here. So...maybe not all the beds lol

credit: @lordcrumps @tvickiesims applewatersugar

There are previews/swatches of the beds and bedding included in the folders so you can get an idea of what you want.

UPDATE 19 Mar 2024: GP10 Naturally Nestled Single bed fixed. Please find the single file here (master file updated as well)

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