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Mod List

Here is a page dedicated to all the mods I have in my game, with links!

Default Replacements

Better Bubbles
Tombstone replacements
Heart Replacements
Prettier Bath Textures
Book Cover Replacements
Newspaper Replacement
Pizza Delivery
Taxi replacements
Paper Delivery
Face Templates
Sink Water Replacements

Fixes - These 'fix' any annoying or broken things in game

LordCrumps Edits - these mods have been edited by me to fit my 4T2 game, the link downloads my versions

Lifespan - these mods are anything that effects the lifespan of sims / pets

Lifetime Wants

Lamre's 50 LTW wants

This mod deserves its own category since it is honestly game changing!

Quality Of Life Mods

Argon Townie Brick

Auto soc

Unlimited Sims

Buy Mode Enabler

Call NPCs

Community Time

Eat More Talk Less

Updated Gussy Up Mod

Last Name Copier

Child Computer Chat

Downtownie Walkbys

Fewer Tourists

Jump Rope Fitness

No Quitting

No Wolves

Slower LTA Gain

Clothing Tool

More sensible badge gain - I use the inverted versions

Easy Inventory Check

Rotatable Garage Doors

Rotatable Driveways

Want fulfilling Paintings

Apartment Controller

Dance Skill Completion

Shiftable Everything - MUST HAVE

No Witch Aura

Call Anyone

Updated Stay Things Shrub

Do Homework

Get Dressed

Walk to Lot

Casting Neutral Spells Doesn't change alignment

Marriage Postmortem

Memory Manipulator

Chastise Unlocked

Confess to cheating social

Propose Engagement requires to be Going Steady

Friendly Breakup

Gender Preference Allow Wants Fix

Higher Priority with homework help

Just be friends

Ask to leave partner auto version

Hereditary Supernaturalism

Urnstone Spawner

CC Icon Hiders

Tennant and Landlord Mod

No 20k handouts

No Kissing Hello / Goodbye

No Baby Harassment

Smarter Lights

No Helicopter Carpool

Higher Restaurant Profits

Perfect Plants

Pets at university no auto

Invisible Driveways

Edited Simblender for better age management

BFF Remover and No BFFs

Fewer Born Pets

Longer Novel Titles

Random Dormies

Simply Leftovers


Smart Beds

No Jealously unless married / engaged / going steady

Stuck Object Remover

Lot Rights - pay owner to play

No Stupid Reagents

Sim Transformer

Watch TV from any near chair

Uni Aging - specifically the aging by 6 days

Interests are no longer capped and are truly random

Visitor Controller that allows Toga Parties

Watch Kids Enabled for all house types

Teen enabled woohoo wants

Children on community lots

Move In Assets - no memory loss and decide version

Romance and Family

ACR - HUGE Overhaul

Play Group Mod - sends toddlers to a play group! Missing link / Sorry

Adults Go Steady with last name diag

Random Marriage / Proposals rejection

Same day adoption service

Same sex marriage - you have to do some searching in the folders!

Find a mate crystal ball

No Initial Baby Relationship

Teen runaway via newspaper

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