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The Sims 2 For Rent

Last week the Sims 4 got a new pack, this week Sims 2 players get that same pack!


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LordCrumps, Platasp, Tvickiesims, EpiSims

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Item Description

Sul Sul!

Last week the Sims 4 got a new pack, this week Sims 2 players get that same pack! In a collaboration with platinumaspiration and tvickiesims and a HUGE assist from episims, we bring you "The Sims 2 For Rent CC Expansion Pack!"

This is a large set, and advisable that it does not get merged even further than it already is! - I ran into some issues when trying to do this!

When you explore this pack, please take a look at the marble ring rug, it has some surprisingly cute rug swatches! I put a swatch in it to remove the marbles themselves, so you have a cute small rug! - I only mention this as I was going to bin the rug off once uploaded, but then I found it had some lovely swatches!


So most of the items will function as they should and intended as. Its just not just deco items.

There is two collection files included, separated into build buy! Please note that fences and stairs and spandrels cant be but into a collection!

  • The squatty toilet that took me over 12 hours to make, yeah the squat, animation can be a bit bouncy but such is life. This toilet also can be flushed, get dirty and is cleanable!

  • Outdoor plants are seasonal!

  • Counters are animated with insides built, there is no drawer on the counter, I did not want to change the shape of the unit, and saw EA did the same - ignore the fact they grab something from a non existent drawer

  • Wardrobes have interiors elements, and have working doors!

  • Each Kettle have two versions, choose only one, one for the colour traits mod / one 'normal'. They function as Tea makers! Huazzah!

  • Spandrels in build mode are classified as fences. I made a variant with fence / no fence.

  • Several of the larger deco pieces such as the Arch Gate, or umbrella are actually lights!

  • Radiators act like radiators!

  • The Aircon Unit is completely functional, doesn't lower bills, but it does lower sims temperatures!

  • "Water Heaters" act like solar panels, they get money off your bills!

  • The Electrical Fuse box has 2 versions, I kept them both in, one wall deco and one functions as a burglar alarm - I wanted more alarms.

  • Most Sofas / Chairs have morphs!

  • Slots added to the Vanity and Bathroom Cabinet!


I have included swatch images of each of the spandrels, fences and stairs and labelled them to match, this is so that you can go in and take out any of the swatches you do not want. This is because there are lot of new fences and the menu can feel cluttered with them in for some people.


  • Mini fridge is cloned from Targa over at MTS - so now it works just like a regular fridge barring a few animations (get baby bottle and juggle)

  • Kettles were cloned from pforestsims's kettle, link here.


  • @tvickiesims, @platinumaspiration thank you soo much for helping with the objects, really couldn't do it myself!! Your amazing, awesome, and some of the best creators out there! Thank you again!

  • @episims - YOU ARE DA BOMD! Thank you for all your help in getting those toilets working with me, and everything else you do when you answer my little annoying questions! Appreciated like you wouldn't believe!


Due to the sizing / functionality of these objects, they will not be included in this pack!

  • All Yer Fixins Untenable Food Stand

  • Mali's Moonlight Market Craft Stall

  • Vegan Vittles Night Market

  • Late Night Snack Dessert Stall

  • Rice to Meet You Night Market

  • The Unrestroom

  • Fisherman's Slats Window - Tall

  • The Secret Maze Window - Very Tall

  • The Secret Maze Window - Super Duper Tall

  • Stained Glass Tomarani Shutters - Tall

  • Stained Glass Tomarani Shutters - Tall and Open Wide

  • The Save Us From Ruin Tallest Cinched Wall Curtain

  • The How Many Times Do We Need To Tell You It's Not Silk Taller Wall Curtain

  • The We Are Going To Jail Tallest Wall Curtain

  • So You Know the Truth Curtain

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