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Genetically Correct Veronaville

My interpretation of a genetically correct and clean Veronaville!





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This neighbourhood was created with all the oringal generation 1 Sims, merged them together in the form of breeding, and carried on until I got to the pre-mades, to which they are now all genetically related (And look similar) to their ancestors, with exception of Puck and Bottom Summerdream as they are adopted.

The map features no townies, only the pre-mades in both versions. The Sims are identical in the form of skills and interests, however, I have made some tweaks to relationships and memories.

Memories do not contradict themselves now, added EP related memories and wants such as degrees and "had first WooHoo etc", memories have been added were they were missed before, such as offspring aging up, grandchildren's aging up etc, maxed skills, etc etc.

Ages are also synced up correctly now. Goneril might get the respect she is entitled to now!

SimBim families have now been moved in to some houses built by EA, I just furnished them accordingly.

I have also created a graveyard for all the other deceased Sims, so if you want to resurrect them, by all means! However, they do not have any memories strong relationships.

New Story Book photos for the hood thumbnail and families have been created to reflect the new genetics, created extra ones for the SimBim families.

Please note that all Sims were created as new Sims in a clean, empty environment. They are not the original Sims that have had a makeover, this is so that the genetics can all work accordingly.

I also went through and changed everyone's name to be in default language only, so if you are playing on a non-english version of the game, the names will not randomised but will be the English versions.

More information on MTS!

Link here!

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