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Every Wall from TS4

3796 walls converted from TS4 to TS2!


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Sul Sul!

BOY do I have a BIG set for you; I'm sorry sims4t2bb for giving you tons of work this week!

This set contains basically every wall from TS4. I have included collection files for you to be able to pop in get the right walls as you see fit.

  • 3796 walls converted,

  • It is recommended that if you play with my defaulted walls, is to take the defaults out as there will be duplicates, I will update in the future maybe...

  • It pairs lovely with the entire floor collection that I have made and uploaded and updated previously!

  • Collection files include floors AND walls (and any items that I have converted and you have in your game so far)

  • Thanks to Tvickie and platasp for helping with some walls / floors for some of the sets,

  • I have included already uploaded walls from the converted sets that I have uploaded. So you will have to delete the duplicates if you have the packs too!

Now time for a break!

UPDATED 03/03/2024 - Updated to include Crystal Creation walls and collection

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