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Every TS4 Base Game Wall Deco

Every wall deco item converted for Sims 2!


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Lighting, Appliances, Deco, Other


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Item Description

Sul Sul!

Basically every wall deco item from the Sims 4 Base Game, items are made functional, for example, the clothes rack are wardrobes, the medicine cabinet opens up when used, there are lights.

A big note

As you can see, some of the frames I have grouped together to share art. It also gave me freedom to keep some Sims 2 swatches too! If you prefer not to have these, you can always delete the files, I have them separated in the download files. So if you would like to add recolours, simply find the main files to do so!

Some frames are not there if they share the same mesh as others, their recolours and art work are included still, just not on their own item. Hope that makes sense?

REQUIRED - My Sims 4 Shadow file (included) is required for the shadows to work properly, you only need one of these files in your downloads folder!

THANKS to @tvickiesims for converting some of these wall deco pieces and helped me out with this "set"

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