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4T2 Snowy Escape Windows and Doors

Conversions of the Snowy Escape Windows and Doors!



Windows, Doors


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Item Description

Sul Sul!

I wanted to say thank you la fee verte for running the @sims4t2bb tumblr page, I asked what they would like to see converted and they said this set, so it went straight to the top and I couldn't be happier!

So, today I have all the snowy escape windows and doors, all come with several swatches, I have broken up the mesh so that the outer frame and the inner frame can be recolourable separately with exception of the "Streamlined Sliding Door" that has the out and inner on one, whilst the second is used for the door panel images.


15 Windows

6 Doors

2 Arches

The Four tile wide doors have not been copied, but there is an arch there to make them using the windows, the other four tile door, the big sliding one has not been converted as there is no way for us to have that in our games sadly!

Names of the windows for @sims4t2bb


Awkward Conversations! No More Large Arch

AwkwardConversations! No More Door

AwkwardConversations! No More Door Large

Big Mountain Sliding Door

Mountain Sun Door by Door Picker and Co.

Shoji Archway

Ssh! Shoji Sliding Double Door

Streamlined Sliding Door


Double Sunrise Window

Fo Real No Leans Window

Is It Snowing

No Leans Window

Not Quite Shoji

Not Quite Shoji Short

Not Quite Shoji Tall

Shoji Style Window in a Box

Ssh! Shoji Paneled

Ssh! Short Shoji Window

Ssh! Short Shoji Window Double

The Half and Half Window

The Worth Picture Window

Thousand Words Window

Wandering Skies Window

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