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4T2 Little Campers

Entire kit conversion from TS4!


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Seating, Surfaces, Deco, Electronics, Lighting, Other


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Item Description

Sul Sul!

Today brings you a new conversion, the entirety of the Little Campers Kit!

Things to note;

  • Tvickiesims had some conversions done already, thank you for doing the projector and Gnome and allowing me to include!

  • She also gave me an option for the book piles to be a functional bookshelf, that is included too!

  • Platasp also did the doll house! Thanks again for letting me group it together!

  • Numerous surfaces have slots,

  • The activity table has been edited slightly (the chair rotated) and turned into an end table!

  • There is a deco item and a toy version of the Little Camping Buddy, the toy may be tidied away when sims clear up the toys so you might loose the money! Makes sense though, kids always loose stuff!

  • Collection file included!


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