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4T2 Horse Ranch - Part 1

Part 1 of the conversions from The Sims 4 Horse Ranch!


Build, buy, Sets

Doors, Windows, Walls, Floors, Columns, Fences, Seating, Surfaces, Deco, Electronics, Lighting, Hobbies, Other


Created by

Item Description

Sul Sul!

I have made this a while ago and lost momentum in converting the rest of the pack, so instead of hoarding this lot, I thought I would just upload and will finish at a later date!

A far amount of items are not converted by me yet, but one day it will all be done!

  • Included was platasp doll house conversion

  • also included is Tvickiesims piano!

  • Included sims 4 shadow file - you only need one of these

  • Collection file included

I guess enjoy!

@sims4t2bb - good luck!

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