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4T2 Home Chef Hustle

Conversion of the Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle by LordCrumps and Tvickiesims!


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Walls, Floors, Surfaces, Deco, Appliances, Electronics, Plumbing, Hobbies

LordCrumps, Tvickiesims

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Item Description

Sul Sul!

Another day, another collab, more conversions!

Everything is converted from the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack from TS4, minus the tall hanging shelves, counters have interiors and are animated, fridge / sink / stove have joints or morphs etc. The mixer operates as a mixer! The shelf has no slots as its a light, BUT with shift anything, we don't really need them!

  • The food stand operates as a 3-tile table, so you can have one chair there and it not look weird, but has the normal table slots so you can place things on their and sell them!

  • The Cook Book, if placed on any surface, (minus the counters and islands) it can be used as a bookshelf.

  • Some items are repo'd to one another, they are in the same folders, my Sims4Shadow file is required, you only need one of these files in your downloads folder, but included just incase.

  • Waffle maker / pizza oven / scales are just deco.

  • Not compressed,

  • Collection file included,

  • Some reoclours are merged with meshes!


Updated a few things, (sorry)


Thanks to Pforest for their water texture replacement, highly recommend you get it for your other sinks!

Big shout out to Lamare, who has helped massively, thank you!

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