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4t2 Fireplaces

4t2 Fireplaces - Build & Buy Mode


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My previews are like... I'm not impressed. Don't let them fool you, a whole lotta effort was put into these fireplaces and I hope they live up to it.

First and foremost, huge credits to @episims and @lordcrumps for their edits to Numenor's templates to allow the ts4 logs to ignite when the fire is lit. They also worked out the Realm of Magic fireplace to have green fire and purple/blue smoke. Love that!

If you have LordCrumps' Horse Ranch "Sturdy Ranch" & "While the Irons Hot, & Desert Luxe "Earthen Fireplace" delete them (and their Scriptorium_Fireplace scripts) and replace with mine. If you have my Decor to the Max "Warmly Chromatic Fireplace" delete it and the script file and replace with the new version.

10 fireplaces can be found in buy > appliances > misc

16 fireplaces can be found in build > misc > fireplaces

3 decorative objects can be found in buy > deco > misc

2 mirrors for EastEggElite & CrystalHearth can be found in deco > mirrors

1 tv for EastEggElite can be found in electronics > tvs

And if you'd like to convert fireplaces as well, I've written a start to finish tutorial! Check it out on the tutorials page!

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