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Riverview City

A large town for Sims 2!



PopulatedHoods, EmptyHoods


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Item Description

Welcome to Riverview City!

From Mansions to Starter homes, Riverview City is a big City with a few suburban areas to explore. Experience the nightlife deep within the City and try to understand the mysterious Locals.

Whether you are a rich Sim or a poor Sim you will find something here that suits your needs.

And if you don't, then at least you will try to attempt to gather everyone's secrets?


Community lots - 17

Residential lots - 56

Empty Residential - 3

Residential Beach Lot - 1


11 Families in total

There is some CC used in the building and decoration of the hood, though it is not essential,

To be able to see the whole map, I recommend using GunMods Camera mod to view the whole lot;

Camera Mod

**Custom Content**

Build and Buy Custom Content;

Some CC I use to make my game look like how it does but is not required;

This map was run through Hood Checker numerous times, there are no issues.

Any problems let me know!

Enjoy your new hood!

More information on MTS!

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