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GlitterBerrySims Hasburg Tiara for TS2

A tiara made for all!





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@glitterberrysims​ has made some BEAUTIFUL crowns / tiaras for the Sims 4! But I wanted them in the Sims 2, so I converted one of them, adjusted the mesh, added a purple recolour (It is my fav colour) and made them from ages child-elder. 

There are two main options for you to have, then more options within that for variety, the main difference is that it is either glasses or Bon Voyage jewellery. 

Make sure you only choose one version otherwise it will conflict with each other!

Within each of the folders, there are three options; MASC - For Masc sims only, FEMM - For Femm sims only, BOTH - For both...

DOWNLOAD Glasses Version - SFS

DOWNLOAD Jewellery Version - SFS

BIG BOY SHOUT OUT to @platinumaspiration​ for sharing all your knowledge when it comes to all things CC, taking the time to sit with me and helping me with mine and wardrobe wranglers relationship issues... 

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