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Flora Default Replacement - Sims 4 Style

Defaults for flora using Sims 4 meshes and textures




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Item Description

A certain someone desperately needed some trees in Sims 4 style for their game so I couldn’t leave it like that and made some defaults. For all the flora in game :D

This is a full mesh and texture default replacement for trees, shrubs and flowers in Sims 2. There’s also a replacement for orchard trees, crops (texture only), crops weeds and garden weeds. Only two umbrella water plants and water hyacinth weren’t replaced as I couldn’t find fitting meshes to convert. Ivy wasn’t replaced because Lord Crumps already has a nice replacement for it. I also replaced ocean algae/debris with various grass meshes, I use Phaenoh’s recategorizer so in my game it appears among shrubs, otherwise you will find them in deco-plants (these will conflict with Lord Crumps’ house plant replacements so you need to choose one).

Added A V2 version for the papaya tree, be sure to keep only one!

Just like my original replacements, shrubs will keep their original state when overgrown and flowers won’t have fading animation. I still highly recommend using Perfect Plants mod with these.

These replacements were meant to go with @bstu More Sincere Tree Imposters because I implemented similar fixes for other trees that were missing in their mod. It’s not necessary per se, just know that if you don’t use the mod, you’ll get a mix of highly detailed new trees in hood view with original Maxis ones.

The decorated maple tree requires a modified CEP-Extra that is included, otherwise the tree will break. If you already had it – replace your old one with mine. If you didn’t have it – simply put it in your zCEP-Extra folder of your Documents.

If you would like Hydrangea to have the 3 additional recolors - make sure to install the 2nd CEP Extra included (one file goes into your documents folder and the other into your game installation folder).

Last thing – I’ve included a small mod that makes all flowers intersectable with other objects which makes them placeable near trees, shrubs and basically any other object without cheats.

A very special thank you goes to @episims who very kindly got rid of effects on decorated maple for me <3

All plants are separated so you can pick and choose. All conversions and edits are my own. I won’t make custom versions for these because pretty much all the plants here were already converted by other creators.

Compressed, clearly labelled, picture included.


UPDATE 01/05/23 - I forgot to include the texture replacement for crops/vegetables. Please redownload if you want to have it!

UPDATE 07/12/2023 - Added A V2 version for the papaya tree, be sure to keep only one!

UPDATE 09/12/2023 - Added replacements for Hydro Hyacinth, and 2 Umbrella Water Plants (previously not included), got rid of the unnecessary textures (the file size was reduced considerably) and replaced some textures with better made ones. Now also includes a Hydrangea CEP Extra and 3 recolors for it.

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