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4T2 Hood Tree Replacments

A overhaul of some trees in hood view!





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Sul Sul!

UPDATED - The download has been updated to have MUCH smaller file sizes, they are no more than 256x256 and the quality of the trees do not seem to be impacted that much! The redbud A and B version, do have some textures that are 256x512. BUT its still smaller than before!

Today I have a default replacement bundle for you, this replaces majority of the trees in the hood menu. Fully seasonal, placeable anywhere!

For reference, this set does have more polys than the Linden tree set, incase you wonder about that! I do love the linden trees, its just they dont match my 4T2 game anymore!

It does not replace the firs from later EPs, they will come at another date - see pictures for reference.

They are designed to go with the Flora Default Replacement by Tvickiesims!

  • Included is 3 versions of the Red Bud Tree, one of them does require Better Nightlife if you choose that version. They are in a seperate folder and clearly labelled.

  • There is a package file named "LC_LotTreesPlaceableEverywhere" what this does it allows those trees that are replaced by the flora replacement by Vickie to be placed anywhere now. I am aware there are things out there that do the same thing, but I do not have them and I needed them to be free! All trees in this set are unlocked to be placeable everywhere.

This will obviously conflict with any default you have that replaces any of the hood trees, so please bare that in mind!

Thanks to @Tvickiesims for helping me with the fall colours; I would of just made them all red otherwise!


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