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4T2 Greenhouse Haven Kit

Kit converted from TS4 Greenhouse Haven Kit by LordCrumps and Tvickiesims!


Buy, Build, Sets

Windows, Doors, Floors, Walls, Misc, Surfaces, Lighting, Deco, Other

LordCrumps, Tvickiesims,

Created by

Item Description

Ever wanted that perfect greenhouse? Well now you can with mine and Tvickiesims' latest collab! Diag versions of the windows and doors are availiable and the vent even rotates!

Tvickiesims did an awesome job with adding tons of slots to basically everything, the fan doesn't need moveobjects to be placed, but is recommended to place over the windows.

Collection file also included!

Hope you enjoy!

List of items;

Greenview Double Doors

Greenview Door

Open Greenview Window

Greenview Window

Solar Wall Light

Garden Stash

The AirCycler

The Shed Shelves

The Plant Platform

The Miniature plant

Planters for Plants

The Gardener's Haul

Mulch-to-do about Planting

Out of the Woods

Green Thumbs Secret Solutions

Ceramic Planters

Hopes and Dreams Seedpot

The Blooming Basket

The Gardener's Stand

The Ceramic Stack

Starter Seedling

The Green Gable

The Verticals Stack

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